Monthly Moment featuring: George

Meet George. He is a native San Franciscan from La Misión, dedicated father, social activist, and public servant.


Where do you find your Moments of Positivity? and How do you Claim Your Moment?

Since early January I picked up this book “Five Good Minutes At Work”. Each morning, before I start my day I read five minutes, jot-down some learning, and take-aways from my morning reading.

Thoughts to share with you:
• Each Day be present mindfully
• Set your intentions and act wholeheartedly
• Nurture a deeper sense of connection with others
• Don’t Believe Everything you think
• Self-Awareness- manage one’s own emotion
• Ability to recognize others emotions
• Develop a sense of Interconnectedness and Interrelatedness
• Heart=What you feel
• Soul= Deeper appreciation & understanding of something greater
• Resolved= To be determine, firm or fixed
• Stop, Look, Listen= learnings
• Mindfulness is not having more thoughts, but instead an ability to know when thoughts are happening
• Pay attention without judging or seeking to change-pay attention and learn

Photo Credit: Edmund Lee

Eddy Lee