Positivity Tribe is a movement to highlight and perpetuate our higher level of humanism and recognize simple but powerful acts.

Positivity Tribe calls these acts Moments Of Positivity which we seek to create and encourage for individuals and communities. There are Moments of Positivity happening around us at all times and we at Positivity Tribe want to shine a light on these moments. We encourage individuals to Claim Your Moment by being vigilant and intentional in creating positive narratives for themselves and others. 

We are all hardwired to make connections and interact with others. How is it that we have deviated so far from these roots, immersed ourselves in individualism, and have bred a "culture" that bolsters separation rather than connection? Its time to reconnect and come back to our true center.


“I find moments of positivity with people I love (friends, family, mentors) in those moments of genuine heart connection, shared laughter, sorrow, insight, and inspiration”

— Christine S.