Monthly Moment featuring: Christine

Meet Christine. She proudly represents Oakland. She is a dancer, educator, and advocate for young people and those who are disenfranchised. She continues to challenge oppressive systems through an educational framework and challenging racism by "leaning in" to her privilege in order to foster allyship and contribute to the dismantling of racism.


1) Where do you find your Moments of Positivity? 

I find moments of positivity with people I love (friends, family, mentors) in those moments of genuine heart connection, shared laughter, sorrow, insight, and inspiration.

2) How do you Claim your Moment? 

I give thanks constantly. I can't overstate that. I am always in my mind like, "Thank you for this person in my life." That practice helps me "claim the moment"-holding people and my connections to them as precious gifts.

Photo Credit: Edmund Lee

Eddy Lee