Monthly Moment featuring: Clarence

Meet Clarence. He is a renaissance man, equal parts substance and style, living a life of politics and prose in Washington, DC. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio by a mother who told him he could do anything while instilling him with a community service mindset. His sister introduced him to the rhythms of poetry and discovering new worlds in literature, while his brother encouraged him to always be authentic. His family influence has been critical in informing his professional and personal trajectory. After graduating from Morgan State University and earning his Master's in Public Communication from American University, he set off building a career in public affairs working in nonprofits, local government and the highest level of the federal government on a range of issues. These issues encircled equity, inclusion and connecting people to resources, programs and opportunities to create better lives. Outside of his professional life, he's a freelance writer, a volunteer connectivity ambassador for a local theatre, and always up for breaking bread or raising a glass for a toast with friends and fraternity brothers. The fastest way to make him smile is to mention of the name of one of his mentees who bring him infinite and inspiring joy.


Clarence representing Positivity Tribe


1) Where do you find your Moments of Positivity? 

A lot of my friends joke about how much I like to walk everywhere. One of the reasons I love walking through DC, or any other city for that matter, is because I feel like it offers me an opportunity to connect with my breath, with nature and people. In a single block, I can be calmed and centered by easy breaths from a stroll; I can find delight in a bed of flowers standing tall surrounded by concrete; and I can exchange a smile with a stranger passing by. Simply walking through the city is a positivity recharge and the more of that energy I have, the more I am able to give.

2) How do you Claim your Moment? 

I claim my moment in any space and at any time where I am fully present and being my most authentic self. That is when I can learn most, teach most and co-create the best experiences with positive long lasting impact and memories with those around me.

Right on Clarence! Thank you for sharing with Positivity Tribe and continue to Claim Your Moment.

Eddy Lee