Monthly Moment featuring: Dyan

Meet Dyan. She was born in Hawaii, daughter to parents from the Mindanao region of the Southern Philippines. Her father, a former activist and journalist, escaped the Philippines during the Marcos regime by winning a life changing scholarship, moved to the U.S., earned a Ph.D., and passed on the value of education and family to his children. Her mother, sacrificing her own promising future, chose to set her children up for success in the U.S. With her family’s support,Dyan received her B.A. in Psychology and Complex Organizations at Mount Holyoke College in MA, then went on to obtain a Ph.D. in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University in NY. Dyan is deeply dedicated to social justice, focusing on alleviating discrimination and the negative impact of unconscious bias in the workplace. She now is a consultant a Paradigm, a diversity and inclusion strategy firm that partners with innovative companies to build stronger, more inclusive organizations.


1) Where do you find your Moments of Positivity?

I gain energy from surrounding myself with, caring for, and sharing special moments with family and friends. I also reflect on my deep appreciation for all the privilege I have in life -- and continue my learning and growing journey by connecting with and servicing vulnerable populations of people in my community. In the different places I’ve lived, I’ve found positivity in volunteering -- doing things like teaching adults how to read, teaching high school equivalency classes, mentoring LGBTQ youth, and now assembling and distributing health kits for the homeless folks in Oakland. I also find joy in making music, exercising, hiking, reading, and sharing wine with friends!

2) How do you Claim your Moment?

A central part of my learning and growing journey is being comfortable owning all of my intersecting identities. Being raised Catholic, it’s been incredibly difficult to claim and own my queer identity. I’m also still working on claiming my competence, finding my voice, and...learning what self-care is! I’ve recently found that meditation and being present helps open myself up to growth -- and recognizing that every moment is worthy to claim.

Right on Dyan! Thank you for sharing with Positivity Tribe and continue to Claim Your Moment.

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