Monthly Moment featuring: Rahaf

Rahaf was born and raised in Syria and was chosen for the Divinity Visa lottery the same year the war started in Syria. She was doing her masters in Finance and decided to finish her thesis in the United States but unfortunately did not work out due to lack of access to information.

She pivoted careers to becoming a passionate tutor of languages (Arabic and English), moved to Chicago (2013), and started working right away. Rahaf states that she would not have been able to do this without the moral support of her family especially her mother.

Since moving to her favorite city of San Francisco, she had to “start over again” but after the first year she has met amazing people. She started a small business as a tutor, interpreter and translator. Her plan is to travel, learn and teach more languages around the world. Rahaf hopes to be reunited with her family sometime soon and is not giving up on her dreams but living them.


1) Where do you find your Moments of Positivity?

I genuinely find my moments of positivity when I share my blessings and love with those who are less fortunate. I believe in the concept of “Paying It Forward” as I have been on the receiving end from family, friends and sometimes strangers when I arrived to the U.S. I used to have hard time accepting help but learned that if I feel great giving back to the world, why would I take this away from those who are generously and happily sharing their knowledge and blessings?

I thrive by having positive thoughts of the world and seeing things from different angles/meanings and if it doesn’t make sense immediately, I trust one day it will. This trust has brought me clarity and closer to the world around me. Keeping this perspective in mind will bring more positive energy to my life and when things don’t work the way I would like, there is still a chance for good things to happen.

I want to appreciate Positivity Tribe for giving me this chance and opportunity to share what I was given.

2) How do you Claim Your Moment?

Through the flow of “giving-receiving” both love and blessings at the same time.

Right on Rahaf! Thank you for sharing with Positivity Tribe and continue to Claim Your Moment.

Eddy Lee