Monthly Moment featuring: Huong

Meet Huong. Her family's narrative begins in Vietnam, she is the youngest of two, born in Denver, raised in San Jose, and currently resides in Oakland with her partner. Huong has a professional background that include, but not limited to, youth development, social work, and most recently philanthropy. She maintains professional and personal values grounded in being organized, relational, grounded, mindful, and flexible. The values also translate into her new role and journey as a (working) mother of a young prince. Along with her partner, they are both enamored with their new role as parents and continuing to appreciate its lessons while being grounded with its realities. Both are finding a delicate balance between community work, social justice, being socially conscious, and being working parents. To this end, they continue to access their various social support systems while being engaged and active in social justice issues.

Huong with her son

Huong with her son


1) Where do you find your Moments of Positivity? 

Parenting has probably been one of the most challenging journey for me but I find my moments of positivity raising and loving my 8 month old. His laughter is infectious and his calmness grounds me.

2) How do you Claim your Moment? 

I claim my moment of positivity by being in and building community with others and by creating spaces and opportunities to uplift community.

Photo Credit: Edmund Lee

Eddy Lee