Monthly Moment featuring: Rafael

Meet Rafael. He comes from strong Dominican roots infused with a healthy mix of Floridian and Bay Area influences. From his day job in the tech field you would never know that he is an avid adventurist, outdoorsman, and survivalist. This is highlighted by his hobbies like motocross, search and rescue, snow boarding, mountain biking, and being a trail/ultra runner. This plays second fiddle however to his real passion of helping others and protecting Mother Earth as it feeds his spirit. He is both thankful and happy when he is involved and participates with (grassroot) organizations like Coral Reef Conservation and World of Plants or the Just Show Up project. Rafael translates his passions and hobbies to creating moments of positivity for others and his larger community. Continue to live your adventurous truth Raf and impacting others!

Rafael and his coral reef conservation work

Rafael and his coral reef conservation work


1) Where do you find your Moments of Positivity? 

I find myself humbled by natures simplicity, in many ways helping me understand my true meaning here on this earth, sometimes I just have to listen, in stillness and in silence.

2) How do you Claim your Moment? 

If I can be a service to others and in some way, be a part of something greater than myself, that's when I can honestly say that I "claim" my moment. It is through ACTION that I am most productive, and feel most motivated in creating a change, a positive impact.

Eddy Lee